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Can you determine your suitability for an implant before having a tooth removed?



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Sep 17, 2011
A few weeks ago I had a consult with an oral surgeon about removing two molars (3 and 19) which are cracked beyond repair. He mentioned that as one of the last steps in the months-long process, I'd have a scanning done of my head to show where to place the implant. In speaking with the assistant a bit later, I asked her whether that scan could show that an implant is not possible due to the height of the sinus or the proximity to a nerve. She said that yes, it's possible you might not be able to get an implant if they are too close. So, a couple questions.

*Does any kind of diagnostic scan exist that can tell you early on whether you can get an implant? For myself, I'd rather know what I'm facing rather than hoping I can get one and being denied and needing potentially to go with a space that would affect my ability to eat, or a cemented bridge that would ruin two adjacent teeth (meaning if it fails, that's two more teeth out).

*Is it often that people cannot get implants because of the sinus or nerve proximity, and is this more common in upper extractions or lower extractions (I have both prescribed)?
Sorry, I have zero experience of placing implants. I'd suggest the best person to ask is your surgeon.

From my very limited knowledge, the proximity of the sinus isn't a big deal, they can work round it. Position of the inferior dental canal in the lower jaw might be a bigger issue but I've not heard of it being a problem.