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Can you eat whatever you like when wearing dentures though.



Nov 7, 2015
I am thinking of getting dentures though I have some anxiety about it. I am not sure how long it would take to get used to it. Does anyone know if you can eat any kind of food you like when wearing dentures. Any advice would be nice. Thanks.


Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
Most kinds of food are fine. The biggest problem is lessened bite strength. A badly overcooked steak would take forever to chew, and I find biting into apples too difficult now (though cutting them into slices helps, but chewing the skin is very difficult). So, very tough meat and apples are the two biggest things for me. It also takes a little longer to chew - not drastically, but enough that if you're a fairly quick eater, like I am, and you don't take your time, you might not chew things like pasta quite long enough, which can give you indigestion. :giggle:

Some things I eat regularly with zero problems whatsoever:
Potatoes (in any form, including chips/crisps)
Meat (chicken, pork, beef, anything really. I can eat steaks, but I wouldn't subject myself to an overcooked one)
Cooked veg
Fruit (bananas, strawberries etc. I only avoid the aforementioned apples)
Bread, sandwiches, toast, cake, pancakes, pizza
Chocolate (it does get stuck to the roof of the upper denture, which is annoying and ruins some of the sensory fun of chocolate, but it's still very enjoyable. Sticky/chewy candies are less enjoyable as they do just get stuck to the denture, but sometimes I eat them without dentures in when no one else is around haha)

As you can see, it's not very limited at all. As for how long it takes to get used to, it doesn't take terribly long. In the period of healing after extractions, your gums change shape a lot, and the dentures can become loose, which can be more annoying. But once you have your permanent ones, it's all fine. I rarely think about them now.


Junior member
Aug 19, 2018
You posted what I'm nervous about and more. I just had more teeth pulled 2 weeks ago, so aside from my front teeth and upper right. Everything else is gone. I'm very self conscious and can't chew anything now. But don't know if I will be able to handle the partial dentures. I will be glad to be able to chew anything if I can handle them. Also would like to be able to smile again. Good luck to you.


Junior member
Sep 13, 2018
Same issues you are having. Top 6 in front remain and 2 crowned molars.
The bottom half fairly intact. Its only a matter of time. Im not rushing the process. Watched a bunch of Youtube videos about dentures in fairly young people which answered many questions.