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cancled my checkup...need some advice.



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Dec 10, 2006
Ok so...heres my deal.

Ive been thinking it over alot, and ive desided im not exactley happy with the treatment and addatude of my dental office. I went last time back in december and was told i needed a filling, got the filling done, my cleaning done, etc..

However, one week after i got it done they called me asking when i was going to make an appointment for a checkup.

Now, i just had a checkup 2 weeks previous, had a cleaning, then they found a small cavity, and i begged them to simply just fill it there because i have alot of anxititiy being in a dental office.

To avoid work, ive taken my dental hygene to peak levels. I brush and floss religiousley, i dont eat any harmful foods, wait half an hour to brush so i dont cause enamel erosion, drink nothing but water, eat foods very low in sugar,,, etc..

The fear i have is not so much of the work itself. Ive had fillings and extractions. Not the most plesent experence of my life mind you, but honestly i cant say i ever felt any real physical pain. Some odd sensations, but nothing that made me get up and jump and scream in pain or anything like that.

In fact, the worse dental pain i felt was my own doing when i left 2 broken molars for years to rot and decay and never brushed and flossed, and finally got them infected and they needed to come out.

But the work at all of my dentists were all quite painless.

My fear is more of the waiting and anxitity to get the stuff done. Once im in the office, i become very solder like, get the objective done and over with no matter what i fear.

its the weeks and days beforehand, im sick, nervous, depressed, etc.

Now, Ive told my dentist, i rather go in there, and get everything needed done right off the bat, in one go. and they have refused to accomidate me for what ever reason. I have had checkups where i had to come back a week later for a cleaning, i had to come back several times because they couldent or wouldent fill all the cavaties i had at the same time....and even when my work is done, they still call me and start my anxitity up all again with "why havent u made an appointment with dr so and so when they arent my dentist to begin with!"

so today i desided to cancle my appointment not due to fear of the actual work that is most likely not needed, but just due to there addatudes and way of doing things that i feel cause me more needless anxitity and stress.

Everytime im in there, they always seem to somehow find a reason for me to come back for no real reason (we dont do cleanings with checkups, etc...) and i know they bill me constantly for every visit.

as i stated before, last time i had a small cavity, i was allready in the chair, i begged and pleated with them, please, i got the cleaning allready just fill it in now and save me an entire week of anxitity and depression.

they absoltuly turned a blind eye to me and refused. I could understand if it was packed in the waiting room, thats understandable, but i was the only soul in there and even then they seemed to ignore me!

Now im really conflicted and kinda confused. should i just once, forgo the 6 month checkup and call them back in Janurary and give them another chance, or should i find another dentist, who i always take a risk with cause i could end up in a far worse situation.

Im unhappy where i am, and the level of service does not meet my emotional needs and standards, but if i go to someone elese, i could all of a sudden have a ton of work needed needlessly and even be in a worse situation.

Basicly idk who i can trust or what to do.

Any advice?

Hey Al
Sounds like you should look for another dentist dude. A dentist should always do what suits you best I can totally understand where yr coming from with the anxiety in waiting for yr appointment. A dentist who really understands nervous patients knows they have to bend some rules and change things to make the patient more comfortable ive been to my dentist he will always give me extra time to my appointment so if he says we need to do a filling would you like me to do it now i can say yes with no waiting to make me more anxious.
My advice you dont seem happy and the dentist doesnt seem to be accomodating to yr needs start looking for a phobic friendly dentist make a few calls and explain that you need to get any treatment done then and there too it wont be the first time anervous person has requested this.
Best of luck