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Canker sore turned into a small pimple



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Jun 8, 2017
Hello all, I have a cracked wisdom tooth, it cut my cheek inside and I got a canker sore for days, the canker sore is healed, now it looks like the spot turned into a very small pimple my tongue can feel it.
I tried to burst that thing off but I cant
Is this normal? To a canker heal this way?
I'm afraid to go to dentist, becaiuse i have three molars broken to gumline, but after all thse things (Im recovering from tuberculosis, cured) I decided to overcome this fear and go to dentist, can't stand this anymore.
But I want some advice about this pimple thing. Im constantly obssessed , rubbing my tongue on it. It is painless, it seems small when looking at the mirror or photo, but my tngue feels it bigger


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It looks like a blocked minor saliva gland, harmless but don't keep attacking it, leave it alone and it should heal up by itself.
Thanks for your reply!