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Canker sores/Mouth ulcers after surgical extraction ? is this ok??



Junior member
Mar 16, 2018
Hi, had surgical extraction 8 days ago. -Finally managed to pluck the courage to get to a dentist after 17 years of my phobia getting the better of me. Had to get 2 incisirs removed so the surgeon could remove a huge cyst above them. Have followed all aftercare one million percent, no dairy/hard foods for the week. Nothing too hit etc. Brushing, rinsing and medication all on time. Today the inside of my lip is sore and I notice a few mouth ulcers/canker sores on it (the part that would have been against where the 2 incisors were where there are now just stitches). Am freaking out wondering if this is normal or something gine wrong?! Any advice on how I can get rid of these? Don't want to use anything that could potentially affect my stitches or healing of my gum :( Any help appreciated. Thanks


Well-known member
Jul 1, 2018
Re: Canker sores/Mouth ulcers after surgical extraction ? is this ok??

I had multiple canker sores after my root canal, and many years ago when I had oral surgery for my wisdom teeth. Any instrument that scratches your lip or gum during the procedure can cause them.

Unfortunately there isn't much you can do other than warm salt water rinses, which is sounds like you are already doing. They are painful, and hard to deal with on top of the dental work pain. So sorry you are going through that.

They shouldn't affect your stitches, but if they are right on top of the extraction site or stitches, you might want to pop back in and see the oral surgeon or your dentistbfor a follow up, just to make sure.