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Cannot afford to get my teeth fixed..



Jul 29, 2016
I've posted here a couple times about my fears and embarrassment and severe dental anxiety, well I finally plucked the courage to go back in late 2020 to see how much work I needed and how much it was going to cost.
Well, they said about $6200. I need a lot of work, especially my two front teeth which are the most embarrassing and have caused me A LOT of depression over the years. I need a bridge for my front tops, and that's about $3200 according to the estimate they gave me, and those teeth are my main concern, so $6200 for everything or $3200 for my bridge, I can not afford either and do not know what to do. I tried applying for care credit and was denied. I work part time from home and do not make much at the moment (and I take care of my grandma full time from home) I do not have high credit score and can not get a loan. I feel so stuck and hopeless and all I want (for over 10 years!!) Is a happy healthy smile (and the depression from it to be GONE!!)
So what I am looking for is advice for people who can not afford dental care .... ?

I’m not sure where you are located, but I know many people suggest seeking out a dental school for treatment if there is one near you. This is cheaper and the students are supervised so I’ve heard the care is good.

If that’s not an option for you…are you able to slowly spread out your care, just doing what you can afford at first and then working up to the bigger stuff?

Unfortunately I don’t have any other ideas as I had to take out a loan for my mouth, but I know the financial aspect is so stressful as well.

I hope you are able to find a way to receive the care you need and get the smile you deserve. Good luck to you
I am sorry you are going through this. Are there any other options besides the bridge? For example a partial denture. There seem to be many options in many different price ranges for dentures. It could at least get you started with a more confident smile until you can save up for the bridge. I hope you find an option that works. And don't be scared to get other opinions.
Thank yall for taking the time to reply.? I'll definitely think about it.
I'm glad you responded so I could find your post again. I feel like I didn't take your fear of getting help from a dentist into account enough when I responded before.

Can you contact a dental clinic or school, or even a denture clinic and see if you got a copy of your xrays to them if they could give you some ballpark estimates for the services they could provide? For example- maybe $500 for a temporary denture while you save for the bridge. I feel as professionals they should present you with all possible options and let you decide what amount of work and cost that you can handle. You can let them know that it will take awhile to build up the courage to actually go in to see them and get the final estimates and plans for the work. When you find somewhere that understand this it may be a good place for you to get care.

I wish you the best.

There are some alternatives to a bridge. Naturally a denture, like the other members mentioned, and also other short-term solutions such as a Richmond bridge or even a temporary bridge.
When I went for my quote, I was sick to my stomach. 28k. I have insurance, but about 9k of it was not covered. I ended up going through Dentalcard and getting a loan. They have pretty decent payment options, so that may be something to look in to. Hope it helps!