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Cannot tell what appointment description means



Well-known member
Jul 9, 2022
Hello, I have an appointment coming up for "#20-Healing Abut, #20-Impl Healing PA"

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what that means?

This appointment was scheduled on the day of my implant surgery for a date 3 months after it.

I thought that the implant would have to be checked to see if osseointegration had happened before anything could be put on it, but looking at what is written for that appointment, it looks to me like they might be planning on exposing it and putting on the healing abutment. I am confused and worried.

The second bit is an x-ray code I think (PA Peri-apical film).
Not sure about the first one.
Why don't you phone and ask them what it means exactly? You're presumably paying a lot of money for this service, make them earn it :)
Thanks Gordon! You are right, I should call, I will try and psych myself up to call over the weekend and try to do that next week.