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Cannot wear this flipper tooth



Junior member
Aug 6, 2022
I simply can't wear this flipper tooth that my dentist made for me.Everytime I put it in I start to uncontrollably gag.I can't have a weird piece of plastic in my mouth for an hour, or a minute ,let alone all day ! I recently got a bone graft and I'm waiting till November for an implant.Im told if I don't wear it, my teeth will start to shift.I already had an implant, but it was on the side and more in the back.I never had to wear any flipper tooth for that one ! This one is right in the bottom front.So,my question is , will my teeth really start to move and shift if I can't wear this thing ? Some people have said flippers are only for cosmetic reasons..I don't care..cause I don't mind the gap in front.
@Debbi22, I had a flipper for the top front tooth for almost six months. I wore it when I went out but not at home. I was concerned about the gap since it was front and center. It did take a long time to get used to.

I am not a dentist, but just curious if they could use a spacer somehow, like they use in orthodontics, if they are concerned about it moving? It was a long time ago, but when I had impacted canines, they extracted the baby canine teeth and put these spacers in to hold the space for the canines to be pulled down (mine were up in the roof of my mouth). My daughter had a spacer put in a few years ago for orthodontics as well.
@MountainMama Hi ,thanks for your reply.I'll ask my dentist about a spacer.Ive never heard of them.But I'm desperate and will try anything at this point .Thanks !