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Can't afford root canal and filling, don't know what to do anymore



Junior member
Jul 28, 2014
Manchester UK
Basically, I'm 18 and need a small filling and a root canal. I was supposed to get a filling for the tooth that now needs a root canal a year ago but I refused due to fear (so stupid I know, if I had gotten it I wouldn't be in this mess now). Anyway, it's got to the point where the hole in my tooth is HUGE and a new smaller hole has formed in another tooth. Only thing is my parents can't afford the treatment and now I feel like helpless because they say it's my own fault for not just getting the filling in the first place (which I know is true). I just don't know what to do anymore, I'm scared I'm going to have no teeth left.

I know there isn't really anything that can be done but I just need to vent. :cry:
Hi there and :welcome:

Just wondering, is your dentist private or NHS as a root filling is available on the NHS and would be cheaper than having it done privately (a root filling is a band 2 treatment so would cost £50.50).

hope that this is of help.

Kind Regards
Spike is right, is there a decent NHS dentist near you? That's your best option.

You're not stupid for being fearful, it's a natural emotion, but you can do it. Even NHS dentistry has moved on from years ago, you 'll be ok.
Hi Bree

If you try the NHS Choices website, there is a facility to Find an NHS dentist based on your area or postcode. It also has reviews so that might help you to narrow things down.

Hope this is helpful, good luck :clover::clover: I'm certain you will be fine.