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Can't Bear The Pain



Junior member
Jul 6, 2009
Can a dentist please please please please help me i lost my jobmany hard working americans and I don't have any insurance i don't meet the cateria for medicad waiting list for dental school but ALL my teeth hurt and I don't know why I'm in so much pain RIGHT NOW anybody reading this please tell me what I can do.:sick::cry:
i dont know thw system in the states well enough to be able to give you any real advice about how to access dental care in your situation.
i also don't know why 'all' the teeth should be sore at the same time. a few quick questions:
is it the gums or the teeth that are sore?
do you ever get sinus problems?
are you aware of clenching or grinding?
is there any swelling?
are you kept awake at night with the pain?
are the teeth temperature sensitive?
are the teeth sore when you bite on them?
how would you describe the pain?
dr mike