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Can't Call Dentist :-(



Junior member
Jun 28, 2014
For the past few weeks I've been consumed by my tooth that needs a root canal that I backed out of like 2 years ago. I have no pain and random sensitivity not from hot or cold foods. I don't bleed when eating, brushing, flossing. Only in the last week I've had a slight dull discomfort a little.
6-8 times this last month I have tasted/spit some blood unrelated to anything I was doing. This has sent me in an anxiety spiral. I'm too afraid to call. I'm too afraid to hear I need a tooth pulled. I don't know what to do. 😢 would love to chat with someone.
I understand your fear/anxiety. Same situation for me. I ended up p doing the root canal. The procedure only last 20 minutes and felt nothing! Novacain worked instantly and I took 2 advil for extra certainty. Having the tooth pulled is also an option. Just really depends if your tooth is salvageable or not. Having it pulled is not painful as they will numb you or you can choose a light sedation too. After care is about a week. Ket is to let a blood clot form over the socket. No using a straw or smoking, etc. A tooth that was once an issue will ebb and flow, but eventually will let you know that you need to take care of it one way or another. Mine as well do it when there is no infection and/or severe pain. We are alot braver than we think when we need to be. Good luck.
Hey there,

sorry to read what you're going through, this is surely super scary. The blood taste was out of sudden? I was immediately thinking of inflamed gums that can sometimes bleed and it doesn't have to be something super bad.
With the tooth it sounds like you've been back and forth - would like to do something about it but being super scared as well. So would it be an option to have a chat with a dentist - without doing any treatment first - just to get some information on what is happening and what may be a good thing to go about it? You can then still think about how to tackle things. Also, it's good to have a kind caring dentist for this, who will understand your fears and will be happy to chat to you about whatever is bothering you. Do you have a practice where you feel comfortable?