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Can't figure it out..... dental freezing no longer works after having children.



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May 19, 2013
Can't figure it out..... dental freezing no longer works after having children.

I have had dental work done previously and have never had an issue. My mother was on antibiotics when pregnant with me, and as a result I have cavity prone teeth. When I was a child I did not like the needle and so got the majority of my teeth drilled and filled without freezing (until I had to have a wisdom tooth removed).

After the removal of the wisdom tooth I was able to handle freezing and despite moving and seeing numerous dentists I never had an issue with freezing taking effect. This has been consistent even after two children.

After the birth of my third child we were without benefits and as such I waited to see a dentist. When I had my final wisdom tooth require removal the dentist I went to attempted 8 times to freeze me. The first shot felt like a hot wave up the side of my face. The following shots were very typical. My tooth would not freeze. After 8 injections I went home suspecting it was a "hot tooth" though I had never experienced that in the past. The 3 days following the injections were very uncomfortable. My face swelled horribly. I took my antibiotics, and tried again. Still wouldn't freeze and was forwarded to a dentist who specialized in IV sedation. Understandably after this, I became fearful of the needle all together.

A few months later I lost a filling at work. Wanting to ensure that I didn't experience the same I chose a new dentist that I had interviewed who came with exceptional reviews. I saw her within 30 minutes of losing the filling. I told her of my previous experience. She tried three injections and though my lip, tongue and cheek were frozen the tooth would not. I explained to her that I was okay with her proceeding without the freezing and she continued. She was very good at what she did and was very careful. It was a deep filling and she had to place a pulp cap, however I managed through with little to no pain with great communication. However after having two occurrences where freezing would not take despite the change in dentists and the fact that the location of the filling lost was no where near the same location, my anxiety surrounding dental procedures has increased dramatically.

I have tried searching what may cause this new situation in which I can no longer be frozen and the only change I can conclude is that the hormone change after having my third child changed how I react to dental freezing. Is this possible?

I have since lost that last filling and am now working in a rural location where finding a dentist who specializes in sedation may not be possible for several weeks. I am understandably concerned and wanting to understand what may cause this type of change.

Is hormone change the possible culprit in my inability to be frozen?

Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated.

At this point I'm thinking of just having the tooth pulled (very back molar lower right - not wisdom). I have lost two fillings from the same location and to go through it time and time again is terrifying. Sedation is not my favorite option but it seems to be my only option.
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Sep 4, 2010
Re: Can't figure it out..... dental freezing no longer works after having children.

You may have some accessory nerves working on the tooth and a traditional block may not work. Sometimes going through the floor of the mouth to anesthetize another nerve (nerve to mylohyoid) does the trick. If not, find a dentist who does intraosseous injections. Hope that helps!