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Can't Find the Answers to These Wizzie Questions



Junior member
Mar 25, 2017
I have a wisdom teeth extraction consult tomorrow. I've been putting this off since I was in high school, I'm now 26!

I'm planning on asking the doctor a million questions, but figured it couldn't hurt to ask here too. I've read a lot of stories and watched a lot of videos. Coming up empty on these questions. Any and all help appreciated for a very nervous patient!

1. Pain: I'd say about 50-60% of the time I feel pain during fillings and have to ask for more local. Will the surgeon be able to tell if I am in pain even if I am out?

2. Weight Loss: I've gone for about 93 pounds to 115 in the last year. How much weight should I expect to lose during recovery. Besides ice cream and peanut butter what can I do to loose as little as possible.

3. Pain Pills: This is my biggest fear in life/with this surgery. I haven't been properly sick in at least 10 years. I'm going to try to avoid the narcotics if at all possible. If you took them how many days did you need them? Worst case scenario if I can't handle the pain what the heck am I supposed to eat with them? Usually I take pills with something like a sandwich or crackers. I can't see applesauce or jello providing much of a stomach buffer.

Also, I'm wondering if I may not be able to have pain pills at all as I take xanax for my anxiety. I feel like xanax & pain pills are what have killed a lot of celebs lately! :(

4. Diet: I've heard everything from soft food for 24 hours to 7 days. How long is average?

5. Implant: I'm also getting a failed root canal tooth #30 removed. Am I able to get an implant at the same time? I'd really rather not go through another procedure if I don't have to. If my surgeon approves it at the same time will it make my wisdom teeth recovery any longer/more painful?

Thanks in advance. Prayers and good vibes welcome for tomorrow.
I wish I could help you out. I had mine out about 20 years ago and was rather heavily sedated so I don't remember much about any of it. I don't really remember much about having pain afterwards. Wish you well.
Hi Nervousgir08.

question, any chance that you have emetophobia like I do? A lot of our concerns sound the same that's why I ask. I can help address some of your concerns however I had my wisdom teeth pulled out two (on the same side) at a time. (personal choice for many reasons and better recovery) so if you're planning on having all 4 out at the same time I'm not sure if my answers will apply or be helpful to you but I will type them just in case...

1) I was not sedated so I'm not sure the answer to this however from everything that I read, you are still responsive and I'm sure they could tell if you were in any pain (not that you would remember it anyway :))

2) I did not lose any weight. I was also concerned so I stocked up on ensure and milkshakes for extra calories. Since I did them one side at a time, I was eating more regularly by day 3.

3) I was fine with Advil and had no stomach upset

How did your consult go?