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Cast metal partial denture for front teeth and five extractions



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Sep 26, 2018
Hi All,

Please help I have high anxiety of going back into the dentist, I need to get 5 teeth in total pulled all from the top among these are the two front teeth.. I am really worried about the surgery and the IV sedation but most of all worried about the pain afterwards and not being able to talk or eat properly! Can someone please reassure me that cast metal partials will be ok ?? I have always been self conscious about my smile and I am 37 years old so I am excited about having a better smile but not sure I can go through with it. I must mention 3 of the 5 teeth are broken and need to be removed regardless.

Please help me
Dear Australia,

sorry to read about your anxiety, but it sounds like you have come quite a way on your journey already. There are always steps that are more difficult than others and this sounds like a big one. Ate you getting immediates right after your extractions? It might be a bit challenging to get used to your new partial at first and you will need a bit of exercising, but there are many people who wear them every day and nobody notices. You will definitely be able to eat and to speak and you will enjoy smiling and laughing as well. Be prepared to struggle a bit at the beginning and maybe having to get it adjusted few times but once you get past this, you will be happy to have them. There are a lot of success stories regarding extractions and dentures here on the forum if you need some extra reassurance.

All the best wishes and keep us posted

First off, good for you for being courageous and going ahead and doing it , and thinking about it and putting it out there... even though it IS scary.

I was always very self conscious about my smile and at 31 was told I needed my front bottom out and dentures, or a bridge. wellll.. I didn't have money for a bridge so.. bravely decided on the partial. I was quite scared.. the whole way.. but.. The dental team that helped me with this was very compassionate and I can honestly say nothing was painful. Yes, maybe slight pain the day or two after fixable by pain meds.. but nothing measurable. I had no complications. and best of all.. those bad teeth in front I was so ashamed of and would cover my smile everywhere I went including the dental office.. those teeth were out out there replaced by my denture teeth on the bottom which looked..wayyy better and I felt a ton more confident smiling..

I got a partial metal denture then... and then several years later had to redo it to include more teeth. The dentist at the time, tried valplas without metal.. I REALLY personally didn't like it.. well or hated it.. it might work great for some.. but I felt alot more secure with the metal supporting around my other teeth and really it doesn't show much. People can't tell. I've had zero comments since , 19 yrs..

It is hard to eat some things.. and sometimes I even feel self conscious about having a partial.. but when I consider what I had before. Im thankful.. and hopefully someday can get fixed implant dentures, but that might be a while..

Really wishing the best, you are taking a good step to take care of yourself and your health and should be very proud!! You will make it through , like Enarete said, some days will be a struggle its new and different..

Keep us up to date and we will all support you :).
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Thanks guys, It's now getting closer to d day (this Friday) and as it gets closer I am getting more and more nervous and scared! I am even considering delaying but I know its not the right thing to do.. your kind words have made e feel a bit better and spurred me on to get it done... I will have a better smile once its done and be more confident which is something I have been lacking for the past 20 years. Does the cast fall out and how long does it take to be able to eat etc ?