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Cavities and Brushing Teeth Relief



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Aug 17, 2012
I’m sure you’ve seen me on other threads. My full appointment is in less than three weeks (god help me) and since I made it, I feel like every problem I’ve had is worse.

I have three teeth where I can feel little holes and 1 is sensitive to cold. They don’t hurt (I have no problems eating), but they feel really dirty. It’s hard to describe. Whenever I brush, the three teeth feel a million times better (and is nowhere near as sensitive) but then, start to feel ick as the day wears on.

Do these sound like cavities or something more? Im trying to prepare myself. I’m so scared that I waited too long out of fear that they’ll need a root canal or worse. I know nothing is an official diagnosis, but I’ve only had three cavities and those were filled as a kid. I didn’t have any pain beforehand and they were filled without novocaine, so I’m sure they couldn’t have been deep.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I went too long without going and have all worse case scenarios in my head.

Thank you in advance!
I think the icky feeling you describe is normal. As far as a root canal.. the two times I needed one I had extreme sensitivity to hot or cold. For me cold was excruciating. I would have to get a straw and drink on the other side hoping none would touch the other side of my mouth. Root canals are not a hard procedure.. I know they sound scary but they aren't. What you describe does not sound like a tooth that would need a root canal. It's normal for people to have some sensitivity to hot or cold.
I also waited years and years to get my dental health in check. I always put my kids needs first... But I'm catching up and that's a that matters . You are doing it now so that's awesome!!! You will feel great after your appointment. It will go better than you expect. Big big hugs and don't worry.
With three weeks to go, your mind has plenty of time to wreak havoc. My biggest problem is I think worst case scenario. Always.

I can’t give much advice because I’ve yet to step into a dental office but I can at least remind you that our minds are our worst enemies. I will go days in a bubble of funk with worry about my teeth until I can’t take it and then I force myself to ignore it once again.

Could it be that your dental problems seem worse since you made the appointment because you’re in a heightened state of mind about it? It would be a great coincidence that it suddenly got way worse once you decided to take care of it.

Maybe try and stay focused on the good part. That you are moving in the right direction and taking care of it.

By the way, this pep talk, is for the both of us lol. When I get the courage to make my appointment, I’ll be in the fetal position for days. God help me!