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Cavities!!!!!!!!!!!!need advice!



Junior member
Feb 13, 2016

My four year old daughter got 6 !!!!crowns and 6!!! fillings at the tender age of 2. We were just devastated. One dentist said it is because of enamel hypoplasia. What can we do at this stage to prevent her adult teeth from having any problems and prevent any hypoplasia??? Please help . Yes , we were using reverse osmosis water for everything till she turned 3. But we stopped that too as we realized it could have caused her cavities. Please help.
I just found out my father has horrible teeth and so does my mother in law. Is there anything I can do
to prevent my darling daughter from having any problems with her teeth? Is there anything I can do
to help her have healthy and strong teeth and beautiful teeth free from cavities?
This is really a serious issue at very young age. you must give her advance dental care. In Boston there are very experienced doctors who can help you. I hope your daughter find a fix soon.
I know times have changed in the field of medicine and dentistry - but SIX crowns and SIX cavities before the age of five seems like a bit much to me (not necessarily the cavities, but definitely the crowns). These are all teeth that are going to start falling out within the next few years anyway, so beyond fillings, it would seem a bit like throwing money at a lost cause, y'know?

The best you can do is make sure your daughter knows the importance of brushing, flossing, and mouthwash (We were always advised to use bubblegum flavored ACT for Kids - I use it now at 25 due to sensitivities against the alcohol in most other types).