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cavity on a tooth with big filling. Will it need a root canal + crown?



Sep 25, 2019
So i just spotted this on my tooth:

I hadn't been to the dentist in about 7 months.

The cavity above is on this tooth (old x-ray):


When i got that filling the doctor said that if anything else happened to that tooth it will need a root canal? Is this correct? Will this cavity need a root canal + crown?

I have big dental anxiety... and big anxiety of uk prices. So if you think i'll need a root canal i might wait to be back in my home country next summer/autumn and get it looked at there? Hopefully is not something that I need to have looked up urgently? I'm panicking a bit and I Really don't want to be in a dentist chair right now...
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1) Not really, lots of things could happen to the tooth without needing root canal treatment
2) Not with what's on that photo, looks like a very small cavity at worst or possibly just staining
@Gordon Thanks for the answer.

Also could staining really be that dark?
Yes, but you can't tell if it's decay or not without physically checking the area.