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Changing Dentist Post Check Up - Thoughts ?



Junior member
Aug 3, 2011
I've tried to write this over and over again without mumbling, so I hope this makes some sense :)

About 5 years ago I went back to the dentist after about 10 years of being too scared to be stuck in a room, anyway the dentist I had was fantastic, I never felt any of the procedures from Check Ups to Root Canal, she would always inject without me having any feeling and she would just chat about her day which always made me feel really relaxed.

Fast forward to this week:

I have moved to a new area and made some enquiries in my area re dentists, I explained about my anxiety etc... I received a reply from one that said they dealt with anxious patients and their main goal is to make sure every client is comfortable.

So this morning I had the appointment, a check up. He began poking around my teeth and fillings, one of which I found out today has a bit of a hole in it and when he 'poked' it, it hurt... like a shooting, sensitive pain as if he'd touched a nerve in the tooth.

So I jumped. He took the tool out and said 'Can I assume that's just you being anxious ?' I can understand this being a reason for some people being 'jumpy' but as a dentist I would expect them to opt for the 'perhaps that did hurt' method first before assuming it's because the client is anxious ?

Anyway it did put me off him, it made me feel like my anxiety was more of a nuisance... not that anything happened beyond me jumping, but compared to my original dentist I felt like I was a bit of a cash bag perhaps.

It's now the evening, the tooth he prodded seems to occasionally send a twinge, nothing unmanageable but I didn't have it before today.

So aside from me getting it off my chest, here's my question or thought I'd love some input with:

I have had to book an appointment with same dentist to replace the filling and to see the hygienist... the appointment is for the New Year.

I have since read on here about a clinic called 'No Fear', has anyone been for an appointment in one clinic and then had treatment at another one ?

Is it possible to go in for a filling in another dental practice without having a check up with them ? I'm assuming that the dentist I saw today can forward files onto other dentists... but would this be bad practice ?

What are your thoughts ?

K :)


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
No dentist will follow another dentist's treatment plan, you'll need to arrange an exam appointment first at the new place.