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Charles Clifford dental school



Mar 10, 2015
Having a bit of a melt down my dentist has fevered me to the Charles Clifford dental school in Sheffield for unexplained pain and in my mouth but I'm not sure why he's sending me there as its a teaching school and I'm worried to death that I will have to be treated by a student if my dentist can't find what's wrong how is a student going to I thought I would be seeing a specialist any help please
Hello there.

Firstly, sorry to hear you are having these problems.

I think it's normal with things that cannot be diagnosed by your dentist for them to make a referral to the nearest hospital with a dental school as it is these places that have all of the necessary specialists, equipment and facilities to give you the diagnosis and treatment to help you with your pain. Because it's a dental school does not mean you will be treated by a student. These places usually have the most qualified and experienced dental professionals on hand.

Hope this is helpful.