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Cheek still swollen after 2 and half weeks?? I'm freaking out and worried!



Jan 4, 2018
I had two of my wisdom teeth on my right side done and my face has completely changed and isnt the same anymore! It feels loose and my cheek skin isn't tight like the left side :cry: I've been freaking out and calling my dentist but they say its normal, but i don't think they understand that the swelling has subsided and its still like that. They think its swelling still but I dont think it is. After around a week and a half i stopped taking my antibiotics and i still have 7 pills left, is it maybe because of that? I thought it was okay to stop since the wound closed and it was healed. I posted a picture of what it used to be like and what it is now, my cheek used to be more youthful and now its all lose!!! :cry: I'm 17. Please someone tell me what I could do


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Sep 20, 2017
Re: Cheek still swollen after 2 and half weeks?? I'm freaking out and worried!

If you think there is something wrong make an appointment to go see your dentist so they can see whats going on and determine if it's something wrong or not.