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Chipped Corner of Botton Canine Tooth



Jul 8, 2021
United States
So I have definitely had a crazy past few weeks. I finally went to the dentist after not going for 15 years and ended up having two back teeth extracted, which has caused me supreme anxiety about all the rest of my teeth. This morning I noticed that a small corner of top enamel was missing from my bottom canine tooth. The tooth is not chipped all the way down, and the entire tooth is not chipped (only superficial on the top layer). What can I expect from the dentist when I go Monday? I am so worried that they missed something on the x-rays they performed over the last few weeks and that something is wrong. I cannot lose another tooth because I will go crazy! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
Hi Chloe06,

well done on finally going! I‘m sure it took a tremendous courage and energy to get through it and finding something that doesn’t look right can set off a lot of anxiety. Could it be that the chip has beed there before and you only had noticed now or are you sure it’s new?
Anyway, I guess your dentist looks at it and then discusses with you whether it‘s a thing or not. Not every small thing needs treatment, so if it’s not bothering you, it could be that just leaving it there is an option.

All the best wishes and let us know how your visit went on Monday!

not sounds to me something very superficial. If the crack is indeed small, I suggest not to build anything on it (like a filling or a crown).Sometimes i smooth the chipped part just to make it esthetic and not sharp for the tongue.
Perfect! Thank you!