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Chipped front teeth and questions about fillings



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Dec 13, 2015

I'm a Norwegian 27 year old and have a few questions pertaining to chipped front teeth and fillings

1) This year I chipped my front teeth 4 times. I believe the chips are shallow, as it's just at the edges. 3 of the times I was drinking and the glass touched my tooth with too much force. Very clumsy. The last time I "toothed" my girlfriend when we were kissing. Her teeth got out of it unscatched. I'm actually quite depressed that I lost this part of my front teeth.

Question: do I need to file this down (and remove healthy tooth substance), or can I just confidently leave it like this?

This is a picture of how my front teeth look now: http://i.imgur.com/Svy5JT1.png

2) Until 17 I didn't have any fillings. That year I got 6 fillings, all in my lower molars. 4 are on the occlusal sides and 2 on the sides. I believe the filling used is "Fuji IX" something glass ionomer. They have lasted 10 years as I am now 27. I have no problems, and my check-up in August showed no issues. My teeth are however very prone to icing when drinking cold liquids, but I'm not sure if there's an absolute relation.

Question: Do I need to replace these pro-actively? I'm terribly afraid of having tooth decay that will infringe/compromise my ability to get new fillings in place. I also read that glass ionomer based fillings have poor median longevity. Seems to be around 5 years. Those studies are dated, though. My fillings have lasted OK for 10 years, so maybe they will be good for longer. I am also wondering why my dentist didn't opt for plastic composite, as I read they are better on occlusal surfaces where there's a lot of wear. On the other hand, glass ionomer fillings have some fluoride.

This is a picture of my back molars: http://i.imgur.com/DT5xObB.png

3) I can't stop eating candies and drinking pop. I use a straw since the last few years. I think I am coping with harshness of life with eating take-away dinners and splurging on unhealthy sugars. No question in particular, but it's a paradox that I'm both completely afraid of losing teeth as I age and yet can't kick this habit. I always hate myself after having a coke. I consume about 1 gallon worth of soda per week, and maybe 200 grams of chocolate. Not that much, but still, not ideal!
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Ugh. I just checked my upper teeth with my camera. Turns out I have 2 occlusal molar fillings at least there as well.

While I'm not having any pain currently, I just feel depressed that I will inevitably need work in the future. It makes me so down I hardly eat or do anything anymore.
Doesn't seem like my questions will be afforded even the most perfunctory of replies, so if a mod could be so obliged as to please delete this thread, that'd be most welcome.

Hi welcome to the forum.

Sorry no one got back to you sooner I did pop in last night but didn't see your thread. I am not a dentist but I would think that your front teeth could be left alone. I chipped my front teeth when I was a child and the dentist did file mine down. Just to be sure that there is no trauma under the gum to your front teeth I would go and see the dentist to be sure.

Sometimes the dentists don't always get around to answering questions in this section as they are working dentist and give their time free to answer our questions. The others of us on here usually try and leave the dentist questions for the dentists but if like in your case they haven't managed to get back to the person then we do step in and try help.

Sorry that you feel upset about having to wait a couple of days, I do usually try to welcome people so that they don't think that they are being ignored. Also if nobody knows the answer to a question they don't want to give a wrong answer and maybe cause a person not to get treatment they may need.

As I said I am not a dentist and I would go to see your own dentist for them to maybe take an x ray and examine your mouth properly.

All the best to you, if you still wish the admins to delete your post please reply to this and let them know but I hope you decide to stay and join us.
I'd still like my thread removed.

Ok but I'll answer anyway.
Saw nothing bad in your pictures. Your front teeth can be bonded nicely. You are right that glass ionomer based fillings don't seem to have a long life but your dentist can best evaluate them.
By the way I went to Norway last year with my daughter and we loved it. Nice country