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Chipped front tooth



Junior member
Oct 22, 2013
Hey guys,
First off, I know this is a dental phobia forum, and that isn't why I am here. I, about three hours ago, was eating lunch and I bit down (on bread) and I chipped my front tooth, the one right next to the bottom left canine (left side if you are looking at my teeth, right if you are me). I've have a bad overbite for my whole life because my teeth are crowded, and I think I just finally bit down wrong and it chipped.

Well, there is no pain, the tooth is rough where I chipped it and I don't know where the chip went. I am currently studying in a foreign country and don't have a dentist and won't be home to see one for over two months. So what ought I do, if anything? I appreciate any help!
If it's a true "chip", you'll be fine. If it's a large break, consult a dentist. Do you have pictures?