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chipped looking tooth no pain



Junior member
Oct 25, 2021
Hi everyone
i have this weird tooth thing happening. From the front it looks like an ordinary tooth with maybe a deep grove but no hole.
But from the side it looks like it’s chipped. I only noticed it today after being on holiday for a week. I can’t get it out of my head. I have no pain. I think this is where I had a filling before. I have a dental checkup scheduled for October.
I’m afraid I’m too scared to post a pic
If you could get someone to post a photo on your behalf it would help 👍

If your filling has fallen out you might feel some sensitivity.. when mine came out I could certainly feel the temperatures of a hot or child drink (for example), but it was a deep filling. A small filling could easily be replaced.

It's good you're not feeling any pain. I'm sure your dentist will let you know if it's anything during your checkup - good luck 🤞