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Chipped Teeth due to Agressive Bouncer



Junior member
Jun 3, 2014
I have knocked off the top of my tooth (down to gum level) to the left of my centre two teeth and chipped a third on the other side of centre two tooth, along with a few other chips. My front two teeth were already overcrowded and overlapping the rest. Also one of the front two teeth now feels to protrude further from my gum and wobbles a bit. What is a dentist likely to do to fix them after my injury?

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Hi WELCOME to the forum :jump::jump::jump:

I am not a dentist and just wanted to welcome you. I think you would be best to see a dentist in person, they may be able to build up the tooth that has broken or remove the root and put you a bridge or implant in.

One of the dentists on here may be able to be a bit more help with suggestions when they come on. :butterfly:
The dentist will take an x-ray and do a clinical exam to determine if the teeth are restorable and if they would need root canals, crowns or veneers, or just large fillings. The one that is broken at the gum line may not be restorable.