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Chipped tooth, Pics inside! :/



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Oct 28, 2011
I had a filling in my second molar about 18 months ago, quite deep my dentist said but completely pain free. All has been well since until today when my tooth chipped on some.. chicken!
I still have the majority of it in there including the filling but the tongue side of the tooth has chipped from the top to just above the gun line.

Booked in for an appointment on Monday.. any ideas what is likely to be said? I always fear the worst! I have no pain at the moment, I can just really feel cold things!fill.jpg

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Hi Moorie,

This is quite a common occurrence. A thin wall of enamel breaks off, tends to be on the tongue side in lower teeth and cheek side in upper teeth.
Your dentist is most likely to suggest either patching the filling up or placing a crown.
Patching the filling is the most simple and least expensive solution. However, the risk is that other bits of the tooth will go the same way, and eventually, there will not be enough tooth left for a crown.
A crown is more expensive and involves two visits. The tooth is trimmed into a thimble shape, an impression taken at the first visit. A dental technician then constructs a porcelain or metal crown (also known as a cap) which is cemented over the remains of the tooth at a second visit. This is the best option for long term success.

Hope this helps

Thank you for that drhirst!

I suppose I should go for the long term solution, I am on the NHS so I believe the max cost for dental treatment is £204 (~$330) Should I expect any particular discomfort?

Once again, thanks for all your help!