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Chipped tooth?


Angie xo

Jun 15, 2018
Had a cleaning today..but hours later a bit of chipped tooth I think...came out ... this is what my tooth looks like now? I don't wanna waste my dentists time .. but should I go for another check?


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Looks maybe like a filling has come out in the 3rd photo, so blurry it's not easy to tell.
I didn't have a filling in that tooth though. That's a bit of a better photo...I think.
It looks like some of the enamel has been chipped maybe?


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It looks very weird. Has your dentist previously mentioned anything unusual about it?
Never no? But this is it from the front and last night it seemed to have a white spot in the 'chipped' space which the spot has gone this morning... weird as in what though?


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Weird as in the enamel looks like it's not properly formed or has become hypo mineralised. That's really all I can say from a photo. When is your next exam due? If you're not having any symptoms then I'd wait for that if it's less than 6 months.
Because I thought there was a chip in it I've booked in for tomorrow but I've been questioning should I get it checked or not... because even though its hard to tell I looks like there could be a chip.. I don't however want to waste the dentists time.. so I'm not sure what to do.
I did send them photos of the first photos I sent you... and they said to come in and get it looked at... but now I'm not sure it's urgent.
If you hadn't said you'd just been to a hygienist I'd have thought that was a big lump of calculus (tartar) round the tooth.
I think I'll hold the appointment and get the reassurance on this occasion anyway..thanks for the help as always