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Chipped tooth



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Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk

I’m so fed up , I actually feel so down regarding my teeth . I have just noticed a bit of my bottom tooth at the side looks chipped ? I don’t eat and sweets , nuts or anything that could do that 🥲. My question is will this be okay ? I have a root canal scheduled for the end of January, would the dentist be able to put a filling there ? Is that’s what’s needed?
Really wish they would of taken them all out because I’m getting scared of eating and I already struggle with food ( past eating disorder, only eat certain foods )
The enamel can sometimes flake off as the teeth wear. Usually not a big deal, possibly your dentist can stick a piece of composite on there if necessary but it's not usually necessary.

Be careful what you wish for. Dentures are a substitute for nothing, not for teeth as my old prosthodontics professor used to say.
@Gordon the dentures that was made when I said a few weeks ago on here that the dentist made me it’s the material I can’t stand it . I will ask him too use a different material for me I feel sick with it in my mouth . Thanks .
@Gordon hi . Hope your weekend has been okay . I’ve put my denture in since I had it made in December as I noticed that the lone tooth that has no support the gum above it had been a bit sore and red . It’s not an abcess as this tooth is fine , I am scared it’s going in like the tooth so I have put the denture in but I hate it so much the material. I can’t eat at all so I’ve been taking it out to eat then putting it in . I’m worried that the lone tooth may possibly be shifting ? Could that happen. With me being a NHS patient I know they can’t / won’t change the material.
Sensory hell ( I have autism) . It’s hard because I’m battling with my mental health every day and while it sounds like a silly thing it’s really affecting me the denture and now I’m worried about this lone tooth because I didn’t wear the denture straight away . Very sorry to post this but I feel so bad about it all
There's no rule says you have to wear the denture for eating :) Try to wear it for short periods and work up to longer ones, rather than going for it from a standing start. I don't think a different material will make any major difference to how it feels to wear one in your mouth, NHS or not.
It's possible the tooth has drifted a bit since the denture was made and this is causing it to move around a bit when the denture goes back in.
Go back to the dentist and get them to check it/adjust the denture as required.
@Gordon thanks . I’m so worried as that lone tooth feels sore at the top ! Wow I don’t know what is happening. I’m scared it’s an abscess but from when I had an abscess last time I don’t have those symptoms. I can feel like a hard bit right at the top part ! Yeah am having a root canal today really hoping it’s okay . I will ask her too check this tooth out . Seems never ending .I don’t need painkillers it’s just like the gum is red .
@Gordon hi . Just got back from having a root canal well , not sure I did as when she was doing some thing I think drilling , I started too feel sensitivity so she said she wanted to stop as she doesn’t think the tooth is dead . She said I did so well ( I am proud of myself) she also said it’s good the tooth isn’t dead but wants me to go back in February, assess me then if we thinks there’s no issues she will see me again in 3 months then maybe a crown ? Can things like this happen? Starting a root canal but find you don’t need to do one ? So confusing! Glad I did it though! The only thing that hurt was when she tightened the clamp 😂😂😂. Sorry I can’t explain things properly!