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Choosing a dentist for a dental implant based on their qualifications



Junior member
Nov 5, 2013
I'm planning to have a dental implant procedure soon (in the UK) and have been reading advice about choosing a suitably qualified dentist to perform this operation. I would basically like to confirm whether a dentist quoting postgraduate study from "New York University" in implant dentistry (
Cert Imp Dent(NYU))
would be considered suitably qualified.

Also, how would a qualification from this university compare to a dentist quoting "Diploma in Implantology at Advanced level" from the Royal College of Surgeons?

I'm sure both are more than suitably qualified but would just like to check a box to calm my mind on this first.

Many thanks for any help given.

In theory they're similar however they are from different countries and there is no set criteria for whatthe syllabus should be.
Qualifications are important but so is experience. Ask how many cases they have done - surgery and the restorations on top. Then ask how many cases similar to yours they have performed.
DONT get cheap work done - there are too many shortcuts with serious long term consequences.