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Choosing a new dentist



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Sep 15, 2011
I finally have dental insurance through my new job. Last time I had it was when I had it through my parents insurance. For the past several years, I’ve been using a local dental school. I’ve been very happy with them, but I no longer have the time in my schedule to go there. I am having serious decision paralysis trying to pick a place to go.
I know I don’t want any of the big factory type places. I’ve seen warnings against them in my local neighborhood Facebook group. I see a dentist in the network for my insurance, and on the practice website, it says a certain doctor there also provides care for residents at a local residential facility for people with disabilities. I actually used to work at that facility. If she’s working there, my hope is that she has a lot of patience, and will be able to work with someone who is nervous. Hopefully this method of choosing works. My first step is to actually call and get an appointment.
I found my dentist through a friend who recommended him. The previous dentist was recommended to me but got too expensive so I left and I began to have doubts about the dentist anyway so even if the dentist was cheaper I would have left anyway. I live in the UK so can get one on the NHS. I think it is a myth to pay for a private dentist here because I do not see that my treatment would be any better. I am having root canal treatment for a back molar which includes a crown and the whole treatment is costing me £192. If I had gone to a private dentist it would cost me about £300 or more and quite frankly I have better things to do with £300 when at the end of the day, the treatment I am getting is very good and I can find no fault with the work so far. One more appointment next week to fit the permanent crown and Bob's your uncle as we say in the UK lol
It sounds like you are on the right track. Well done. Please allow me to share with you a video I made about how to choose the right dentist who is good with fearful patients before meeting one face to face:

Hope it helps

I hope you can find a great dentist that you really feel heard and safe with! I know for me, I go on the website and FB page and see if they look anxious friendly and have a somewhat personalized media and if they say anything about being anxious friendly. I also have FB messaged the offices and got really kind responses from some that have been very welcoming which has caused me to go in and meet them and learn from there.
Another fantastic video from Dr Daniel. He covers all the major points there.a bit of research will go a long way. If you follow the advice I’ve no doubt you’ll find a warm, welcoming and empathetic dentist. All the best with your search!
Hi griffinej5,

sounds like you already have chosen your dentist, so I will keep my fingers crossed for her to be the right for you. Keep us updated :)

Chosing a dentist in my experience is rather an intuitive process. If you feel someone might be the right for you then chances are they are right for you. I think a dentist who enjoys working with people with disabilities might be patient and a nice person, as you mentioned so really hope she will be the right fit for you straight away!
Yip, sounds like a good choice ?
Now I just have to actually make the call. I also hate doing that.
I know that bit can seem tough but if it is the right place for you then things can fall in to place really nicely after that first call. You can do it. It’s a positive step forward.
Well, I tried calling them today. They left me on hold for a long time, so I called another place closer to my house. I don’t have an appointment till April though. They didn’t really have new patient openings until March, and at that rate, it made more sense for me to just wait a few weeks, as I will have a few weeks in early April with less work. I’m sort of worried though. If you can’t get appointments for 4-5 months, will I be able to schedule with them? The receptionist said it’s because they usually make the next appointment when you’re there.
That sounds like a long wait to me. If you’re in a good place with wanting to act and take that positive step then it’s helpful to keep that momentum up and get in the door sooner in my opinion. If you’re certain that it’s the right place for you then it may be worth the wait. If you’re still in two minds I think a bit more research into alternatives and their availability may be worthwhile.

Remember it’s good to be fussy about your choice. It will pay off in the long term.