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Chris Prange, Petts Wood, South-East London



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Chris Prange
19 Station Square, Petts Wood, Orpington BR5 1LY

Chris gets rave reviews from nervous patients - check out the Google reviews. The website is:

We have received the following review for this practice:

"Excellent dental surgery, especially for nervous patients with dental anxiety but also with history of trauma unrelated to dental experiences. Everyone is friendly, kind and treatment is gentle and at your pace. I would thoroughly recommend and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. It’s worth travelling to go here. Just let them know you're nervous and they will go the extra mile!"
Totally agree with the above review! I have been with this practice since it opened and they have been excellent. The staff are kind and caring and are exceptionally good at dealing with nervous patients. As I’ve suffered with PTSD (anxiety/panic/flashbacks/dissociation) I can honestly say that nothing seems to phase them and due to their patience I’ve been able to have regular care and treatment despite needing a lot of reassurance and support.

Also if your in Ireland Niall Neeson (@thecalmingdentist) at Boyne Dental is amazing. His advise and guidance is brilliant even when there is no personal gain to himself.