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Chronic Infection on Root Canal tooth that has now been re-treated



Aug 30, 2017
Hello Everyone,

Back in March, I had my first pre-molar on the top left side re-treated through the crown as it had a chronic infection that made a little bump appear. Before the re-treatment, when I bit down on the tooth, I felt a very strange pressure (where the infection was) - after the treatment, no bump, no strange pressure, no pain in the gums when I press it and no pain when I chew which is all great of course and my dentist saw me in June and said he was very happy with how it's healing.

I've recently had a look at the back of my teeth with a mirror and that tooth seems to have quite quite dark/reddy gums still (they were probably there before but I just haven't looked) - is this normal for a tooth that used to have a chronic infection?

Do these sometimes take longer to heal? Like I said, I'm experiencing no pain or discomfort from that tooth.
Hi StefyS, glad to hear that you have no more issues with the tooth. As to reddy gums, I do not know if there is any link to the fact that the tooth was chronically infected, but I do know that places where crowns and teeth meet are a in general bit more prone to food trapping so that the gums can get inflamed more easily there. If this is the cause, then flossing there a bit more should solve it... just a thought..

Thank you for your response. I think they are getting better over time, they can still be a bit sensitive at times when I floss but I think overall they are improving.

Fingers Crossed!

Kind Regards,