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Chronic infection or sinus issue?

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Sep 7, 2023
For the last 8 months I’ve had chronic ongoing right hand side jaw/cheek/tooth ache in one of my upper molars.
Dental X-ray showed no signs of infection but another dentist advised I had a very deep abscess (I did get 3 rounds of antibiotics but only temporary relief)
I decided myself to get a root canal, this is a massive deal as I have severe anxiety but I am in that much pain it was my only viable option. (I had lots of Diazapam for my anxiety)
I have attached an mri scan I got done privately you can see mucus/something on the right hand side of my sinus/head.
I also have neck/shoulder pain and jaw ache, my right hand cheek also aches when pressing on it.
I’m looking for some advice, has anyone had anything like this before? Is it worth removing the molar I had a root canal on? No dentist is helping and doctors are hopeless even after me forking out £1800 for scans and private root canal.
I’ve had blood tests galore, but it still boils down to something wrong with my tooth/sinus area.
Any advice is appreciated on what to do or try next, my teeth are awful, I’m only 33 and have fillings in around half of my teeth already I’m so embarrassed. Thank you


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Have you been to a laryngologist?

I think bruxism also gives similar symptoms.
Any chance of a dental x-ray of the molar? A lot more information would be required to give any kind of advice... for instance:

1) Anything triggers the pain (hot/cold/biting)?

2) How long does it continue when triggered?

3) Anything makes it go away faster (cold/pressure etc)?

4) Does it wake you up when it starts is it worse at particular times of the day?

5) Any clicking/grinding from your jaw joint area?

6) Do you clench your teeth during the day? Anyone ever told you that you grind your teeth in your sleep?

7) Any bad taste? Anyone complained that your breath smells odd?
My dentist has one but I don’t have a copy myself, I don’t have a copy of the one from the dentist that said she could see an abscess sadly.
I am wondering if removing the tooth would help but reluctant to remove it if it won’t! Thanks for your reply

1 - biting triggers pain, I can’t chew on that side or molar at all

2) Not long, just whilst biting

3) nothing seems to make it better faster, it just runs its course! Some days I find it better than others

4) I find mornings are bad and then if I am stressed my ache feels worse or maybe just more aware of jt

5) An ache in my jaw is almost constant no clicking on that side though, my left jaw feels “free” if that makes sense!

6) no issues with clenching

7) I sometimes feel aware of extra saliva and a slight off taste from the root canal molar, but again not constant
Diagnosis over the internet is pretty well impossible, so it's not going to be a definitive answer for you!

The stress/mornings thing make me a bit suspicious that there's some TMJ or bite issue rather than an abscess, usually that would be set off with hot drinks as well as pain. Also it might settle quickly held something cold over the tooth, you could try that and report back?

Removing the tooth might not help if it's the TMJ or bite issue, might even make it worse in the former :(

If it was the sinus then I'd expect a big increase in symptoms when you lay down to sleep, even shaking your head would probably provoke something!
Thanks Gordon, since last week I have actually been diagnosed with a gum infection, there is a white pimple like spot above my root canal molar so on a week of antibiotics, also noticed a lump on my cheek area so getting that checked tomorrow too, feels like that whole area is falling apart! Hopefully the antibiotics kick in, from google it seems it could be a dental fistula although not sure, thank you