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Clare did it!!! WOO HOOO!!



Feb 19, 2007
Hey guys,

Here is my story which I NEVER thought I would be posting!! And boy am I happy to be posting a sucess story after reading them all! Anyway.....

I was actually doing great on the journey there (apart from being hungry and REALLY wanting a cigarette!) until we got to like 10 minuets away, then my legs started to shake. We arrived at the Surgery dead on time..10am. I had to fill in form after form, then off to the waiting room. Can you believe I had to wait 45 minuets!!! That is the WORST thing when you are nervous! My sister kept me talking until the nurse came in and called my name...."Clare...come through now...." Off I went....

I sat in the chair in tears. The Dentist wasted no time in laying the chair back, and setting up the IV in the back of my hand (Last time I had it in the crease of my arm). I thought that was it when he put the IV in.....was expecting to go within seconds but I was still with it so I abruptly said "How long is it going to take to make me sleep?". He said "I haven't put anything in yet, just put the tube in ready!!". But then he did.....I was a gonner within 10 seconds!

I remember NOTHING about the treatment AT ALL. I didn't open my eyes once (like I did before) so I didn't feel anything, see anything, hear anything or know anything!! The first thing I do remember is being in the recovery room, with my eyes closed, but hearing the Nurse saying "I've had Clare in here 20 minuets and she hasn't opened her eyes yet" With that, I automatically opened them! Then she said "Oh, its ok, she just has - you can send her sister in now". My sister came in and they asked her to bring her car round to the back door. I remember getting in the car and trying to talk but because my extractions were scattered all around the mouth, I was numb like EVERYWHERE and I sounded like a wally because nothing made sense!

I slept on and off most of the way home, and it didn't feel like we had been in the car for an hour. I was dropped off at my Mums as I was staying there the night due to my partner being on nights and not being allowed to be left alone, and I got into the spare bed. I was still bleeding so I had to bite on a damp cloth for a while. I just wanted to sleep so much - I had a terrible headache which I don't know if it was a side effect or whether it was all the tension from before that had built up. But, I had this trouble last time where I couldn't sleep afterwards! I think I was just so uncomfortable being numb, I couldnt lay on either side of my face and laying on my back, I could just taste blood going down my throat...eewww! I probably managed about an hours sleep.

One thing I did notice was I had a really sore throat shortly afterwards and its still quite sore now, which apparently is quite normal. My mouth is quite sore also and I am fed up already with eating soup, weetabix and yoghurts! Hopefully just a few more days!

So, I survived 5 extractions and 2 fillings and I am SO proud of myself! Have been dreading the appointment since I booked it in January and am so glad its all over! Good riddance to the teeth!

If I can do it, anyone can, believe me! I underwent 2 phobias at the same time - dental, and the risk of being sick (as I have a sickness phobia too).

Anyone who wants any info...please ask!

Well done!!! Thats really fantastic! Im soooooooooo proud of you!!   :-* :-*:grouphug: :-* :-*
yaeeeeeeeee for you! :cheers:were some of them wisdom teeth? I had hardly any blood with my eight extractions but i think wizzies are mor ebloody from whta i have heard
Thanks guys! 2 were lower wisdom teeth yep. I think it was one of those that was bleeding. I don't know if its normal or not, but I have still got a blood taste now but I don't think there is any actual blood when I spit.....do you think this is something to worry about? I am so paranoid about getting a dry socket now and keep checking the holes to see how they look! Looks so weird seeing so many holes, it actually makes me cringe!

Justme - you had your appointment today didn't you? How did you get on? I did also ask on the "12 hours to go" thread in 'Support'....maybe you haven't read there yet.

Will keep checking for your story!

I think its normal to bleed some. Try not to spit too forcibly because sometimes that can dislodge the clot(from what ive read) Im proud for you and me! :XXLhug:
clare said:
Justme - you had your appointment today didn't you? How did you get on? I did also ask on the "12 hours to go" thread in 'Support'....maybe you haven't read there yet.

Will keep checking for your story!


Sorry meant to reply before... no appt for me yet... 20th April is my D day!! I will have my first of six fillings! :cry: Then I need to have 2 extractions which should :thumbsup: hopefully put me back on track for routine check ups!

Thanks for asking xxx