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Cleaning on Tuesday- cancelled 2 times so far!

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Feb 15, 2011
I am 17 weeks pregnant and the last time I went to the dentist was 8 months ago when I had a root canal done. My cleaning was supposed to be in august and I have rescheduled it twice. I have my appt on tuesday at noon. I feel like since I cancelled it twice it is harder to go in. I know dental hygiene is important during pregnancy...just dreading tuesday. I feel like I need another root canal but I dont want it done until after baby, my last root root canal wont be paid off until january...


Aug 30, 2015
As long as you're giving enough notice rescheduling it shouldn't be an issue. In this case if you cancelled it on Friday that gives them one day, Monday, to find someone for that slot. The Oral surgeon I went to won't reschedule for canceling just once. My dentist puts people on a short list after 3-4 cancellations. Basically it's a don't call us we'll call you list. They try to be understanding with patients who are fearful but they are losing out on money for every cancellation. Most dentist places around here are 3 months out for new patients and 1 month away appointments for regular patients So it's not like they are in short supply of people needing care. The hygienist I have said the last place she worked at didn't pay here if someone cancelled even though she was suppose to stay at the office and help out. Now she gets paid regardless. Reschedule if you have to. Just realize it's a business and the doors have to stay open.