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Close To Suicidal Due To Dental Trauma



Junior member
Aug 2, 2018
My young life was ruined by dental malpractice and it feels like a death sentence. Living with tmd (dentist caused) which no one seems to be able to correctly treat or understand is hopeless.

I'm not sure how to put into word the grief this has caused me and what an absolute, unimaginable horror this has been. It's brought me to my knees and I don't think I can live much longer. The way that it all happened is particularly crushing, because there was no informed consent and I received a procedure I didn't want. Of course it's near impossible to sue these people, so when something like this happens you're just out of luck.

If you saw me out in the world, you would probably think I was an attractive and together young lady. You wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at me because my front teeth look normal and unworn. People tell me I am beautiful and personable...they have no idea how my inner world is crumbling from the grief of this, the ptsd, the crushing reality that my life is ruined in the most unlikely and uncomfortable way. I am fighting back tears every second of the day. I have had depressed periods before but this is different - this is a living hell.

A very invasive bite adjustment procedure was done without my informed consent which damaged/grinded down over 20 teeth, causing constant tooth and jaw discomfort that has consumed my life. Worst of all this procedure was 100% unneeded. It's called an occlusal equillibration . The dentist took upon himself to do a barbaric procedure that was literally the opposite of what I went in for. I though he was going to build a couple of worn teeth with composite, not LITERALLY GRIND ALL OF MY BACK AND SIDE TEETH DOWN. No one in their right mind would want or consent to this. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and trusted him, not knowing he was destroying my entire mouth beyond repair. There is no way I can picture living the many many years that are ahead of me mutilated like this. It is so too insane for my brain to process, and it has already gone on far too long. No resource can help me.

Prior to this I had perfect healthy teeth -no wear, great bite, no majors restorations. I never even thought about my teeth. Now my tooth and jaw sensations make them impossible to ignore.

The only reason I stepped foot in a dental office initially was the desire for cosmetic tooth whitening. Though my teeth were completely asymptomatic, this dentist urged me to get many fillings over the course of our visits. Of course I blindly trusted and obliged. Eventually some of the fillings made my bite feel off, and I sought help from another dentist to patch up a little area of wear I noticed and straighten out my bite.

I don't think anyone can imagine how horrible this feels unless it happens to them...it is so unbearable. If someone shaves the enamel and some of your dentin off of your young, healthy teeth, you have constant sensitivity issues as they are no longer protected. You are aware of them 100% of the time. It makes one wonder how this is even a legal, sanctioned procedure. It also shortens your teeth, forcing you to bite down further to make any tooth contact, straining your jaw, causing tmj issues where your face can never rest in a comfortable position. This is an extreme procedure for someone with very specific issues I did not have. The smaller issues I did have which were once tolerable were greatly exacerbated by this.

Here are several other fun facts as to why I have no recourse:


For some reason the medical community is totally separate from the dental community - it's treated as if your teeth are to a crucial component of the human body. Insurance is a joke and won't pick up the $15,000 - $30,000 it would take to even try to patch this up.


Because teeth are considered such a separate entity, many lawyers who take medical cases won't touch dental. One told me to my face that it just isn't lucrative enough, it's simply not worth their time. There are too many gray areas, nuances to dentistry, dissenting opinions on technique...they just don't take these cases on unless it's SO egregious (which I would argue mine is) and even then....

In this fight, I've learned that 9 out of 10 medical malpractice cases are also not taken, so the number of patients being maimed and killed - by both doctors and dentists - without a chance at justice is reaching epidemic proportions. We are not even able to have our day in court and hold anyone accountable. And of course this also disproportionately affects women and the poor the most.


Since this occurred, I have consulted with numerous other dentists to figure out how the hell to get out of this nightmare. I've traveled the country to see specialists, I've seen people from every subsection/philosophy of dentistry, this has gone on and on for over five years.

I am working towards getting some of my teeth built back up with composite, as I feel it is the most minimally invasive option for covering up exposed dentin and giving my teeth/bite the additional height my jaw needs to be comfortable. Even doing this is a long process of appliance therapy before we get to the actual work. I've had several appliances before. Most things just make it all worse. It's hard to have faith in anything at this point because I've witnessed such incompetence in the field on this journey. Feels like dentistry is still in its barbaric early stages, and I'm an unfortunate victim of that.

I've never felt so violated. This is a problem with no good answers, a hell that just goes on and on. My life has been derailed. I used to be a person with interests and talents and hopes and dreams! Now I'm physically uncomfortable and grieving all the time. I can't get over it.

Has anyone else ever heard of or experienced anything like this?



Well-known member
Oct 5, 2017
First off I’m so incredibly sorry for what you have had to endure! It’s truly barbaric.

My story is different but I’ve had those same grieving feelings of losing teeth. I went in for a wisdom tooth extraction and ended up having to get 22 teeth pulled. I knew my teeth had gotten really bad but I didn’t imagine they were THAT bad. I was in utter shock for awhile adjusting to life with only 10 teeth left (I never got used to the partial) and especially feeling self conscious with no front teeth whatsoever (I only have molars left) this all happened at the age of 19.

As time has gone on though I’ve come to accept this as my normal..I still get self conscious every now and then but it doesn’t bother me like it used to. I realized that I am more then my teeth or my appearance. It is still hard (I am thankful to get implants soon) but I’ve lived almost a year like this...and you know what? It’s been a good year to. Lots of fun stuff I’ve done. YOU are more then your teeth and what has happened to you...you are a special and amazing person and I know you can overcome this!


Junior member
Aug 6, 2018

First of all please do not bring harm to yourself in any way. There are people and pets who love and care about you and depend on you that you may not even realize how much they do.

From reading your post, I believe you are living in chronic pain from the horrendous dental procedure your dentist performed on you. It seems like you are making some progress with the composite route in trying to fix some of the issues that arose from this improper procedure.

Keep taking small steps in bringing your teeth back up to a level that is satisfactory to you, and/or, at least to a point where you are not in pain all of the time. Chronic pain is life changing as you have stated in your post. It is difficult to enjoy anything at all when all you can do is focus on the pain all of the time. Again, make small improvements as you can and see if over time these things will help you. This is just my opinion and if others have opinions that make more sense or are a better option by all means go with what they suggest and/or whatever your professional guides you to do.

Also, this forum is tremendously helpful. Search it the best you can for others that are going through some of the things that you are going through. Trust me when I say you are NOT in that boat alone. There are many others in the boat with you and everyone here is very helpful and will try the best they can to help guide you the best they can.

Take care of yourself.


Junior member
Aug 24, 2018
Sorry you're going through this, Avery.

I also suffer from TMJ and can identify with your feelings.

Please stay strong.



Junior member
Dec 27, 2019
New Jersey
yes I too had barbaric dental work done at ayoung age that ruined my life but for me it was peiro sugery that cut away more bone and gum and left me disfigured- and I had no idea it would be what it was the guy lied to me and said he was doing grafts and I was too young and didnt research if you are still on here lets talk