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Clot fell out. Dull ache that wasn't there before.



Junior member
Jul 15, 2018
I got my wisdom tooth taken out 7 days ago; today I was feeling adventurous and tried using mouthwash. I rinse and spit out a giant white lump which I now found out is my clot and am paranoid as hell.

Since that happened I've been googling the heck out of dry sockets and it seems that it would be extremely unlikely that I have developed one this late in; HOWEVER. I feel a dull ache that wasn't there before as well as occasional pain on that side.

Am I unlucky enough/dumb enough to have gotten dry socket this long after extraction? :shame:
Hi itjma,

hope the dull ache is gone by now. As you say, it's very unlikely that you would get a dry socket after 7 days, the healing should be long set up by that time. As with any dental insecurities and questions, if you want the extra security and peace, give your dentist a ring, he/she will for sure not mind to have a look at it.

All the best wishes