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Coedpoeth, Wrexham - What a kind Dentist!

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May 4, 2009
I have just been to the dentist (Dr Adrian Thorp) for the first time in 15 years. It is always worse than you think it is going to be, but the dentist I saw made me feel calm and he explained everything that was going to happen. It didnt hurt one little bit including the injection. Don't know how he did it. Would be happy to recommend this guy to anyone. He works in Coedpoeth in Wrexham at Dant y Coed Practice.

Dr Adrian Thorp
Dant Y Coed Dental Practice
1 & 2 Maelor Buildings,
Heol Maelor,
LL11 3NG
Tel: 01978 759876

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dant y coed coedpoeth

hi i had a very bad expreance in the dentist years ago i was frighten to death of the dentist couldnt even phone to make appointment i would be sick. then yesterday i had to go with toothace changed my dentist on advice of friends to try dan y coed in coedpoeth so i did. the were lovely with me the receptionist and the dentist sarah williams was great cause i was nervus she explained everthing she was going to do as i had to have the wisdom tooth out she made sure i never felt a thing it the 1st time i have ever felt so relaxed in a dentist in my life.i even ask for an appointment for a check up never thought i would ever do anything like that i recomend them for anybody who is frighten of dentist thank u so much dant-y-coed im getting faith back in dentist after this:grouphug:
I totaly agree with previous statement... After my recent visit with Dr. Adrian Thorp I no longer am afraid...no...petrified!!! of visiting the dentist!:cry: He put me at my ease totaly :)Along with Angie (dental nurse). I even managed a few giggles during proceedures!:giggle: A massive big THANKYOU to you all at Coedpoeth dental practice Wrexham. :thumbsup:xxx:jump:Chris.
Just thought that I would put a message on here to say that I have continued to be a patient of Dr Adrian Thorp and he continues to be the best dentist I have every had. He is so good with my children and as before if you worried make sure you see this guy. :jump:
Hi, yes I'd like to give a big thumbs up to Dant Y Coed Dental Practice too ,they are absolutely amazing. I have seen Dr Calum Smith and Dr Adrian Thorp there , both absolutely brilliant with anxious patients and I am definitely one of those. Highly recommend, best practice and best dentists I have ever been to.