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Cold sensitivity, when to follow up?



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Mar 26, 2010
Went to have my teeth cleaned at the end of March, (no x-rays this time just the cleaning). The hygienist mentioned that tooth #15 had a spot of decalcification and signs of "pitting". The hygienist said they would mark it as something to watch for. A couple days after the cleaning that tooth became sensitive to cold temperature. (I don't drink coffee or tea so not clear if hot temperature would bother it the same way.) I can bite on the tooth without pain and the pain from the cold doesn't linger for very long.

Not sure if I'm overthinking this. The sensitivity has been around for a few days. Should I give the tooth time to settle down or do I need to get up the courage to call to have this checked out?
Get some desensitising toothpaste onto it, brush your teeth as normal, then last thing before bedtime, rub some of the paste in with a finger and go to bed.
If that doesn't fix it in two or three days then it might be worth checking with your practice, but chances are it will sort it out.
Thank you for the advice. I'll try it out and give it some time.