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Come back in six months!



Jun 5, 2014
Hi everyone

i have been a periodic dentist avoider since leaving home at 18, before when my mother used to force me to go (good for her!). I had trouble with my gums after my 3rd child was born about 16 years ago and there was a seemingly endless stint with a periodontist. Between that time (1998) and 2008 I was pretty good at going to the periodontist for checkups and cleans but after that year I just stopped. Fast forward to August this year where a bottom right tooth started giving me serious I'm-going-to-keep-you-awake-at-night-until-you-stop-ignoring-me pain which antibiotics and Panadol didn't alleviate. So I went to a local dentist and said 'I don't want you to tell me anything about my teeth I just want you to fix the one that's hurting.' And he did, with a root canal. It took four sessions. Then I gave myself a month off and went back for a clean and x Rays. Then three more fillings , the last of which was this morning. And then I got the joyful "see you in six months!"

I am a terrible dental phobic with a great imagination for the most horrific possibilities. This was really hard for me and when I was in the depths of the root canal I was feeling very sorry for myself indeed. But the hardest appointment was the x Ray and clean where I was sure they'd all fall out after the plaque was scaled off or he'd tell me they weren't worth saving and I'd need dentures. But somehow I got myself there and my teeth are still in my mouth (not Hollywood teeth by any means, but they're in there).

so thanks very much to this forum which has been a lifeline and stopped me talking the ear off my husband about my dental terrors. It is a fabulous resource. I get to realise that people have teeth as bad as mine, or that they have all their teeth out and survive, and are happy with the outcome, and the support is endless. I will undoubtedly still lurk around. Good luck to you all and thank you xxx