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Common Problem lol: Wisdom Teeth Removal for a teen



Junior member
Dec 3, 2019
Hi, this is weird for me, I'm 17 about to get my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. For some time now I've been experiencing hyperventilating and dizzyness when it comes to talks of surgery or operation. I also have to get an operation done on my ankles so for me to have to get the wisdom teeth out was very hard to hear. I've been terrified of everything. My doctor said I would be out the entire time for the wisdom teeth, but I see some people saying they woke up. I'm also scared at the idea of them having to put needles in my mouth before? I'm wondering if there's a way I can be relaxed before that goes down. Sorry to bother but if anyone can take some time to respond and help me understand and feel better about the process that would be awesome thank you!
Hi Mangosaregood,
It does sound like you are very anxious about this. If you are getting your mouth numbed anyway with the jags, in the unlikely event you woke up during the extraction, then you wouldn't feel any pain. But the 4 wisdom teeth will be out very quickly. If you are getting knocked out, it really doesn't have to be for long.
If you are worried about injections, can I just say (you can research this for yourself too..) the needles are so thin that I describe the "pain" as similar to a little scratch. It hurts more sometimes eating crisps/potato chips and a piece jabs you while you are chewing, you know? Also, you can explain to your dentist that you are fearful of the needle. They can talk you through it better than I can. On the day, you can relax yourself by breathing deeply, from your stomach (like babies do but we forget how to as we age...)
Until then, yeah, the terror sucks. Waiting and worrying is the worst! Try not research stuff too much while you have these fears. We are really very bad at being objective when we are scared. You may find yourself only reading the worst stories. We become very good at cherry-picking the scariest stuff and thinking only about that, while ignoring the vastly greater amount of reassuring stories out there! It's who we are, unfortunately.
I wish you luck with this but am sure you will be just fine on the day. Sorry to hear you need an ankle op too. Hope that goes well also.
Hi Mangosaregood, getting wisdom teeth out is what can make everyone worry, even the people who otherwise do not struggle with the dentist at all. If you are getting sedation, which would be the most usual way for dental procedures it is very unlikely you would wake up as you won't be sleeping in the first place :) you will be just very relaxed and won't remember anything afterwards. If you are getting general anesthetic, which would be the less usual thing for dental stuff, you can't wake up anyway. So anyway, you won't be aware of anything that happens.
I was one of the rare people who woke up while getting my wisdom teeth out. I can remember it, but I can tell you that if you do, you feel nothing. I remember opening my eyes and seeing the surgeon looking down at me, and he had something in my mouth. I couldn't feel a thing, not even whatever was in my mouth. He looked me in the eye and told me to go back to "sleep" and I closed my eyes and the next thing I remember is waking up when it was done.