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Community Dental Service, question for dentist or dental receptionists



Junior member
Feb 26, 2016

I am with the CDS community Dental Service, and I went today to have a temporary filling in a premolar that has decay deeper than the gum line, so the dentist said i might need a denture.
They gave me a clean and they said to come back at the end of may, three months from now.
They told me to go to reception on my way out, and ask the girls there to make an appointment, but when I asked the girls to make me an appointment for three months time, they said that the dentist had not put anything on the computer.
I am worried I am going to be forgotten about and will have to find another dentist, because I really like the CDS they are a great dentist.
I am worried that I will not get an appointment through in the post, and if I have to go back, that it may look on their system, like I have left the CDS, and that a different receptionist may be in on monday or tuesday if I don't get anything in the post, and I ring up and they cannot find me on the system,what should I do? thanks
Is there a chance of this happening? thanks
For some reason, I cannot edit the post above, so i have to write this post.
Sorry I forgot to add, they gave me a temporary filling.
My main worry is that I wont get an appointment in the post.
Normally, the dentist makes an appointment and prints it off on her computer, but becasee she was giving me time to think about whether I want a denture, due to other gaps in my teeth, I dont know why the receptionist was unable to give me an appointment.
I am worried I will be forgotten about, and it will look, on their system, like I have just not bothered following up appoinntments. It looks like the dentist has made an error on the computer and I am worried that I will lose my place with the community dentist and have to find another dentist.
I am a vulnerable adult and I really like the CDS so I am desperate not to lose my place there. thanks
Hi either ring them up and explain or write to them. You can email or send a letter in the post. If you write to them it should get a response. It could be that the receptionist couldn't be bothered to find out and confirm with the dentist what he had recommended if he had forgotten to put it in the file.

If you are worried about dealing with the receptionist then you can write in the post direct to the dentist c/o the practice and they will get it.

I hope this helps you a bit, I would try and ring them first and see what happens, if you get no joy then write.