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community dental services waiting list



Dec 8, 2006
hi gordon :XXLhug:

you were very helpful to me before regarding my getting refered to your area for sedation, hope you can help again with some advice.

its been 8 weeks since i was refered ( may 26th) and i hadnt heard anything. i called the dentist i attended and they gave me the number for community dental health services and i called them this afternoon. i was shocked to learn there is a 9 month waiting list for referals!! i really cant wait that long as my front teeth have deteriorated rapidly and one is very very loose, i'm afraid to eat or bite into anything. my question is, if its that long to wait do you think it would be better changing to a dentist that does sedation in their own surgery? this has really set me back and has got me right down thinking i have to start all over with another dentist after it took me 23 years to go to the last one :cry:

any advice would be very much appreciated at this stage...........

Re: advice from gordon please

We don't have a 9 month waiting list. Not even 9 weeks. Who did you speak to?
Re: advice from gordon please

Perhaps they got a bit confused and thought you were pregnant and advising you that you'd have to wait 9 months for a result!  :cheers: Couldn't resist that, but you got my PM on my real thoughts.
Re: advice from gordon please

thanks for replying so quick gordon,

i dont know who i spoke to, she was very brief and just said there was a 9 month waiting list. i think i will call the dentist on monday and see who exactly they have refered me too, i am getting a bit confused by this now, perhaps it isnt community dental services they have refered me too. i will find out on monday and get back to you on this ......

lol good one scared, but there is as much chance of that happening as me going for treatment without sedation!! LOL
Re: advice from gordon please

hi gordon,

ok, i called the dentist i attended today and spoke to the wee receptionist who is a treasure. explained the situation to her and she was also a bit shocked at the waiting time. she knows how anxious i get so offered to call them back and see what was what, which is great. she said she would get back to me today, but hasnt, guess she was busy.

i also found out i have been refered to a place in boyd street, prestwick? think thats a community dental service place. i was telling the receptionist today about this forum and that i had it on good authority that the waiting list for north ayrshire was well short of 9 months, so she was going to see about it. ( i owe this receptionist a huge bunch of flowers when all this is over! lol)

its a waiting game now..........

Re: advice from gordon please

Glad to see you may have got things moving again Rosey. I'm sure they'll be seeing you in next to no time and it will all soon be over. Keep us posted. :hug2:
Re: advice from gordon please

Boyd St clinic is the central clearing office for referrals. Once a referral is received there it gets sent out to whichever local centre is nearest to the patient. Since you are in North Ayrshire, that would come to me.
PM me your name and DOB and I'll check if I've got the referral yet.
Re: advice from gordon please

thanks gordon, have sent the info in PM :XXLhug: