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Complete mouth extractions



Jul 18, 2021
I am facing extraction if 15 teeth, mostly front, and immediate dentures. I cannot sleep or eat due to being so nervous. My teeth are so loose that the dentist fears even the impression will pull some out. We are planning to do this under nitrous oxide and Valium. I do not fear the after pain at all but become crazy thinking about the actual extractions. The thought of needles in my gums makes me physically sick. What will I feel under this type of sedation? Are loose teeth easier to extract? He also says he will numb my gums prior to the injection but I am still terrified. Will I be aware of my teeth being pulled? Any advice might relax me a bit. It is all I can think of. This will be done in the next two weeks. Thank you for your thoughts!
Nitrous oxide is my miracle gas right now. Getting work done soon and I keep reminding myself of my last procedure with it...
With the oral sedative and nitrous,
I diddnt feel like I was going to pass out walking to the dental chair and my breathing was alright
They let me just breathe deeply and let the gas sink in for a little bit
When I told them I was ready, I VOLUNTARILY opened my mouth.

Which blows my mind because I would never be able to do that under normal circumstances. It's a rush of being alright with things, for me at least. I was slightly nervous when they did the numbing- nervous but not apprehensive. And SIGNIFICANTLY less nervous than I would have been without (see fig.1, voluntarily opening my mouth). Key feeling for me was loss of my apprehension.

Blasted death metal through my earbuds, whenever the numbing procedure hurt a bit I cranked it even more. Seemed to overload my senses and take the edge off a bit? I cant say if this would help for everyone but it's worth a shot with (insert with whatever genre you want)

If you're nervous about getting enough gas for it to have an effect, maybe talk to them about how you should be feeling. If you're not feeling different, theres no harm in asking if you're able to get a bit more.
did you feel the needles? Did you hear or feel the teeth being pulled?
Did you feel the needles? How many for a full extraction? Did you feel or hear the teeth coming out? Thank you for your response just a few more questions. How long should it take to get 15 teeth pulled that are already very loose?
did you feel the needles? Did you hear or feel the teeth being pulled?

Got a refresher on the whole experience today prepping for a crown-

I felt the sensation of the injections, but not much pain at all. Very minimal, and the pain that I did experience I was somehow totally okay with. They put some topical numbing on beforehand and usually the application of THAT freakin creeps me out but I was totally off in lala dreamland listening to my music.
Zonked out of my fear completely.

You know the feeling you get when you're drifting off to sleep and, like, your dream machine starts to kick in? It was like that all the way through. The music especially helped me zen out this time around.

As for the goings on in my mouth, I've never had a tooth totally removed under laughing gas, (the time before this one was a couple fillings) but I can say what my crown prep was like.

First I remember telling them to get the gross taste out of my mouth after the numbing was done. They obliged with a rinse lol. Next thing I remember was heard the grinding (eugh), once they stopped doing that it was cold and ached slightly.

There where two points where I had a moment to restart an album, and evidently tell my boyfriend how I was doing, on two separate chats...

Yes I thought I was writing something coherent. No I have no idea what I was trying to say.

Suffice to say, 2 triazolam and a healthy dose of nitrous put me on another plane to sedationville.

As for the rest of your questions, hopefully someone with more experience can chime in here

Sending good vibes