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Completely melting down for RCT



Well-known member
Oct 13, 2022
Yesterday was a disaster. Local anesthesia wasn't sticking with the partner dentist who was also visibly distressed. I'm going back in 1.5 hrs to have my regular dentist work on it. I'm trying so hard to be brave and go. It's my regular dentist. If I can't calm down enough for her who else would I calm down for. She's brilliant at getting me numb. Literally in tears shaking and trying to tell myself today is a new day and I can do this but the closer the time gets the more I just cry.
Hi, maybe the partner dentist is just a bit inexperienced with more advanced local anaesthesia techniques? If your regular dentist has been brilliant at getting you numb in the past, she'll hopefully be able to do it again! I'm not sure if you're already on your way, but wanted to wish you the very best of luck for today :clover: :grouphug:
Update: the tooth is alive! It's alive! We don't know what happened since the initial test and now but we are postponing and observing.
I have made a video which might be helpful to avoid painful drilling:


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