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Composite behind front teeth to strengthen them??



Junior member
Feb 2, 2015
The enamel on my two front teeth is getting very thin (the bottom is almost transparent and chips easily), I asked my dentist about a solution for this and she told me she could place composite filling behind the teeth to make them stronger. I'm not sure if this is a good idea? Doesn't placing a filling behind my teeth mean drilling, and making them even thinner? I'm scared that in the long run the filling needs to be changed and that would mean more drilling, and eventually weaker teeth! Should I just leave my thin teeth alone and just be careful?
it really all depends upon why the teeth are thinning and how much space is available in the bite.
If the teeth are thinning on the outside because of acid drinks or similar then a veneer would be a good solution. If the thinning is on the inside becaiuse of acid reflux then composite would be a good solution (if theres space).
If the thinning is because of grinding your teeth then there's all sorts of complications I'm afraid.