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Composite Bonded Tooth feels odd



Junior member
Aug 12, 2022
Hi, me again. In August I had one of my front teeth bonded (it was broken vertically and at an angle) so I had basically half of a tooth in my mouth. The dentist filled it for me and from the moment the numbness wore off I could feel the back of my tongue had like a ridge feeling down it. Now I understand that its likely just the composite, but lately the tooth itself and the gum area feels like tight? Also the gum area still feels bruised from the injections almost 2 months later! Is this normal? My dentist has also referred me to a hospital to have teeth extracted and they don't want to see me again until then which is January! I'm so worried that the bonding is gonna break off or that my entire tooth will snap. I'm not eating properly, I'm too scared to eat. It just feels so odd.. I started to get used to it but since I've had a root canal and crown fitted on the tooth next to it (incisor?) It just feels not right!
I'm so sorry you're still having issues. Does it feel weirder at certain times of the day or after you do things like eat?
Hi @xhannahx surely if it doesn't feel right they will see you sooner? Maybe a small adjustment is all that's needed.
They've said they've put me down on the triage list? What's that?
I have no idea, maybe you could call them and say that it's still bothering you and doesn't feel right... it seems wrong that you should have to wait until January for something that might turn out to be a 5-minute fix!
That's what I thought. So basically I'm 31 and for a long time I suffered badly with depression, I was on So many different meds and just slept all the time. I didn't care about anything so my personal hygiene was non existent. Fast forward 3 years and my dental hygiene has improved so much. I'm brushing 3 times a day with duraphat, I'm flossing once or twice a day and I'm also using antibacterial mouthwash once or twice a day. I'm due for a airflow clean next Friday and I'm so excited to get my gums and teeth looking more cleaner and healthier, yet this is gnawing at me that it just doesn't feel right. I had the bonding done at a nhs dentist and the root canal and crown fitted privately and also the airflow will be privately but its so expensive to get work done privately, a root canal and a white filling will set me back ££ amd I've spent £1000 already 😭
Usually, if there are any issues after dental treatment, your dentist will want to put them right... so it sounds like it was the NHS dentist rather than the private dentist that did the bonding, and it's the bonding that's annoying you? (sorry, I'm not 100% sure if the problem is the bonding or the crown)

It sounds like you've come a long way, that's wonderful :) ! All the best for next Friday, I hope you'll love the result of the cleaning :thumbsup!:
Yes the bonding was done by nhs and the crown privately x
Did you mention it to the private dentist? and how did you get on with them? Maybe you could get a follow-up appointment seeing how it's become more noticeable after you had the crown placed, this should be free of charge because it's related to the crown... see what they think the issue is, and if there's a simple fix?