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Composite Filling Pain



Junior member
Aug 21, 2020
Hi there,

I’d love some help and direction. Two weeks ago I had an old composite filling replaced on my back upper molar it was an easy procedure however afterwards when I ate crunchy things at certain points I’d get a little zing, and when I pushed up on it to put my retainer in I got the same zing.

I went back to the dentist over a week later thinking the filling was too high hence the pain, what she said would be a 2 minute fix ended up being 45 minutes of altering the bite and fitting my retainer back in, she said it all looked fine and the bite shouldn’t be high - I don’t get the pain when pushing the retainer in anymore except I went home that day and now can’t floss between the teeth at all AND I still have the same chewing pain from time to time with crunchy, point items.

The dentist goes on annual leave today and now I just don’t know what to do and I’m so stressed for the holiday season - what could be wrong with this tooth?
There's no point in trying to speculate what's going on, you need to go back to the dentist again I'm afraid.
Thanks Gordon I went back today and she is not sure, said it can take 2-3 months for a tooth to settle down @Gordon
She also said the filling “tightened back up” after I had the bite adjustment which is why I couldn’t floss

I’m not a dentist but I had almost the exact problem with a composite filling back in the summer, I couldn’t eat on it or floss without quite a bit of pain, even getting the bite adjusted didn’t help.

Mine eventually settled and after about 3 months I was able to eat anything on it again and floss with no pain.
@Neos thank you! This makes me feel so much better
@Neos Hey I was wondering if yours gradually got better over time or if it randomly stopped hurting one day? It’s been about 5 weeks for me and mine is still the exact same, not sure if that’s a bad sign or not?

Mine gradually got better after about a month I think, then about 3 months until I could eat harder stuff without pain.

After 5 weeks with no improvement whatsoever I’d probably be thinking going back to the dentist to talk about it again.

It’s annoying I know, I have a issue at the moment with another tooth that I need to see my dentist about, but I keep putting it off
Hi @Gordon I had the pain for two months and waited like my dentist said, when I went back two weeks ago she was shocked I waited and redid the filling straight away - I had no pain for the first week (mainly because I’m used to chewing on one side now) but the pain has come back and is the exact same - she said the filling is not deep and shouldn’t be causing any issues so I’m stumped and anxious can’t believe I’ve had the pain chewing for over 3 months now 🥲
Is there a different dentist in the practice you could ask to look at it? Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can throw up something that's being missed.