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Composite Filling sharp



Jan 7, 2020
Hi I had a composite filling done this afternoon and was thrilled it was over. Now numbness has worn off on one side of the tooth I can feel a sharpish line going from one side of the back of tooth to the other in the middle of the tooth. I have circled the area where it is and you can see the line, my tounge can’t stay away from it and I’m terrified somethings gone wrong. Do I need to call back or is this normal, I’ve never had it with a composite filling before although my other one did have a sharp edge which resolved itself within a few days


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It seems to have either come when brushing or moved down to gum line as I can feel it there now
It might be a bit of excess bonding agent, give it 24hrs and if it's not better call your practice back.
@Gordon hi Gordon thank you so much. It came off this morning when I was brushing and just seemed like it was left over like you say, it still feels a little sharp and I can see a darkish area towards the back of the tooth as seen in the picture I think I may have to call as I’m scared they haven’t filled all the tooth6A6F10BE-4569-446D-A9A1-1C34BAA60335.png
Going by that photo, there's still some excess filling material there. Definitely get the dentist to look at it and polish it up a bit. It's not a big issue but it's not as good as it should be.
@Gordon thank you, would it have to be done again or is it an easy fix? I’d hate to go through it all again
An easy fix. No reason to do it again, it just needs a polish up.