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Concerned about fractured crown



Junior member
Apr 22, 2016
I have a cerec crown on the third tooth from the back, that is just over 2 yrs old. I was eating a bagel one day and felt a crack. Check the mirror and saw a fracture on the cheek side that was basically a semi circle from the top (the chewing surface was not affected) I took a photo to give an idea of what it looks like (the middle tooth, sorry not the best quality)

I went to my dentist, figuring I would need a new crown, and he said he didnt see anything sent me on my way. Well a couple days later it felt loose so I went to an emergency dentist as I was having surgery the next day and did not want to risk it being cancelled. That dentist confirmed it was fractured, pulled it off and recemented it in as a temp solution so it would not affect my surgery.

A week later I go back to my regular dentist and he still says there is nothing wrong and won't look at it.
Now I am frustrated so i go back to the emergency dentist I saw and he checks it and says he can smooth the fracture with resin but that the crown itself seems tight. Of course the patch does not work and I feel like banging my head againsr a wall in frustration.

My questions are: Is it just the porcelain that is cracked but the crown itself is protecting the tooth still? If this is the case, Im fine with it as it is a back tooth. Where the fracture is, there is some wiggle if I push it with my tongue but if I try to wiggle the tooth at the gum, it feels solid. Again, is it because it is just the porcelain part that is fractured?

Any advice would be appreciated. Im tired of being on a soft diet!img_1461205895792.jpg
Middle one looks like it